Who are Fujitsu General?





Fujitsu General Air conditioning is a huge company also based and founded in Japan. It is owned solely by Fujitsu General of Japan. Fujitsu General produces and sells internationally all over the globe various air con systems and humidity controls. Fujitsu systems are very well good and are low maintenance systems generally with a long life expectancy.

Like Daikin, Fujitsu general have lots of selling points of their own. They are versatile and strong systems built to last with stylish designs. We stock a wide range of Fujitsu air conditioners. If you have a general inquiry about a Fujitsu system please contact us. All Fujitsu systems also come with a 3 Year warranty.

Fujitsu currently have a new R32 system compromising of environmentally friendly refrigerant R32 and human sensor that can catch movements of people in a room, and operates with lower capacity when people leave the room. When people come back to the room, it automatically returns to previous operating mode. That is one example of Fujitsu.

For the Fujitsu general website please click here.