What do you need Installing? Please see below a number of Systems we can Install. If there is something else you do not see then please inquire


Split Type Air Conditioning

You may not be familiar with the above term but some customers will be. Split type AC units are units that are the most common. Used in residential projects and commercial, consist of one indoor unit connected to one outdoor unit. You can get split units in wall mounted, concealed and ducted, floor mounted, low wall mounted,ceiling mounted and ceiling cassette. Please see an example picture below of a split system.

Multi Split Type Air Conditioning

Like split type AC, multi split systems are similar however you can connect one unit externally and multiple units inside. These are not suitable for larger commercial type buildings that need individual temperature control however many offices do use them and domestic residences.

VRV / VRF Air Conditioning

Like multi split air conditioning units, these are usually similar but are larger type units that can handle more capacity. You can get 2 pipes systems which mean all units run at one temperature or you can get 3 pipe systems that can run at separate temperatures simultaneously. These systems are more costly but most sufficient for larger applications.

Condenser inside building Air conditioning

Some of our clients cannot have normal air conditioning units due to regulations or building restrictions. We supply centrifugal type AC units that we can supply and install your condenser unit inside your building rather than externally. However you need adequate ventilation for systems like these to work.


We can install beer and wine cellars as well as cold rooms and merchandise PAC units for supermarkets. We can also install more specialist refrigeration systems such as mortuary units. Do not hesitate to ask us anything related to installation of Refrigeration systems. We do not undertake any domestic refrigeration works currently.


Do you have a large building or a complex or perhaps a hotel that cannot have conventional Air conditioning systems. Or perhaps you require a unit to do heating cooling and fresh air all at the same time. We can supply and install large industrial and commercial roof top package units. Need more info? Please send your floor plans or drawings so one of our specialists can assist you.


Do you have a retail shop and need to keep your door way entrances warm during freezing temperatures during winter periods? Want to attract your customers with heat. Then let us help you supply and install. We use the best brands only.