PPM & Service for small split type, VRV, VRF and multi split type AC

Air conditioning maintenance is an important aspect that must be undertaken to keep units running sufficiently and keeping energy bills lower. We at Zero Degree do not see this as a recommendation but an absolute necessity. Current changes to F-gas guidelines mean air con equipment with at the least 3 to 4 kg of refrigerant ought to be inspected every year.

Regular PPM service should be applied as a preventative for unit health and longevity. Maintenance of Air conditioning can consist of cleaning Evaporators and Condensers with chemicals, calibrating & adjusting, lubricating moving parts, cleansing of filters, changing additives and averting breakdown.

The capability and thorough training of genuinely air conditioning engineers guarantees your unit?s equipment is operated with the utmost best performance and its expectancy is stretched to its most potential. We recommend at least 2 visits per year for normal split and multi split systems respectively commercial and domestic. Be it a wall mounted air conditioning unit or a ducted and concealed type. We have your back!



A typical visit may consist of the following:

  • Inspect running temperatures
  • Cleansing of evaporator units
  • Clean filters and also micro filters if any
  • Inspect temperature controls & switches
  • Clean condenser exterior (casing of outside unit)
  • Examine safety controls and buttons
  • Inspect general operation
  • Inspect electrical insulation
  • Report any issues
  • Oil moving parts only when needed
  • Inspect Condenser and ancillaries
  • Cut vegetation and cleanse outdoor units
  • Inspect condensing coil temperature and record
  • Adjust fan speed controllers if needed
  • Inspect condenser level
  • Pump out any residue or filth from condensate drain line
  • Check and clean evaporator tray
  • Inspect controllers
  • Inspect coil temperatures and sensors
  • Inspect isolation switches and spur switches visually
  • Inspect excessive noise